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Tripura: General Information


Tripura accded to the Native Indian Partnership in 1949. This ancient area of strange past is in the northern Southern area of Native India between 22.56 and 24”.32′ North permission and 92″09′ and 92″20′ eastern longitude and is surrounded on the northern western southern and eastern by the worldwide boundary of Bangladesh. In the eastern region and has a common boundary with Assam and Mizoram. Maximum of the place is eco-friendly with enjoyable climate of this panoramic small condition with an place of about 10,500 sq. kms. It is populated mostly by 19 areas, Arabic, Manipuri and other areas.

Tripura symbolizes a blend lifestyle with several cultural categories living in the condition. Though the social lifestyle of one group varies from the other, the manifested initiatives have mingled them into a single whole category. Tripura can be known as a ‘laboratory’ of exclusive societal features.

Considering the vicinity of Tripura with Bangladesh, it is more practical for foreigners to get into Tripura via Bangladesh with an appropriate charge. Those worldwide nationals arriving to Dacca or other places of Bangladesh may come to Agartala via Akhaura boundary check-post. In the same way, worldwide visitors arriving to Tripura by other tracks may go back to Bangladesh via this path. If tourist’s arriving via this path romantic the Area’s Information, Cultural Matters & Travel and leisure Division in enhance, either in composing or over the phone, necessary preparations in this respect can be made. The trip time by street between Dacca and Agartala is roughly 3 hours.