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Wayanad: General Information

Wayanad Travel & Tourism Guide

Area: 2,131 km²
Elevation: 2100 meters
Location: Wayanad is a tiny station in north-east of Kerala
Language: Malayalam and English
Best Time to Visit: October- February
Winters Temp (October to March): 10°C – 26°C
Summer Temp (April to September): 20°C – 26°C

Wayanad is an isolated land with many treasures trove in its fold. The exotic land is simply untouched, pristine and far away from the tussles of the hectic life. The hidden hamlet is as pretty as a picture. The hill station seems like a sparkling green emerald sprawled all over the Western Ghats. Here tourists can explore more vibrant shades of green. The land is a holistic confluence of wilderness, history and culture, Wayanad is located on the southern tip of the magnificent Deccan plateau. Wayanad charms are enchanting. Serene Spirits of Wayanad is a unique blend of immoral caves, paddy fields, feathery bamboos and towering ginger field. The etymology of the word Wayanad is Vayal (paddy) and Naad (land) which means ‘Land of Paddy field.’ Wayanad is one of the few districts in Kerala that has been able to retain its pristine nature.

After soaking in the environs of Wayanad, it is important to experience some adrenaline kicking adventure. Wayanad is the most happening destination which offers visitors an opportunity to unleash their adventurer spirit. With amusing landscapes and thrilling national parks, this place simply looks like a million dollar. People of Wayanad wake up to the smell of coffee and goes to take a hike and comes back for some serious lazying around on a hammock. Trekking is quite famous in the terrains of Wayanad. Apart from trekking; Wayanad is an ideal destination for motorcycling, biking, camping and rock climbing. All these adventure activities can reward every adventure enthusiasts with an experience of a lifetime.

People of different personas lose themselves in the wilderness of Wayanad. Unspoilt and intoxicating land of Wayanad is home to 2 wildlife sanctuaries- Muthanga and Tholpetty. All these wildlife reserves protect rich diversity and many undisclosed animals like tigers, elephants, panthers, cheetahs, deer, monitor lizard, civets and a wide variety of birds. Trekking is quite famous in the terrains of Wayanad. Trekking in Kerala can reward anyone with experiences that last a lifetime.

What kind of people were our ancestors? What kind of shelters in they live? Often, the paths leading to answer these questions are fascinating and astonishing. If tourists want to walk a long way on the path of discovery, then one good place to go would be Edakkal caves. The cave was formed when a large rock fell on two rocks below, forming a cave gallery about 90 feet long and 20 feet wide, lit by natural light from a gap in the roof. Here one can see paintings as old as 7000 years old. There are also inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi incised into rock, from a later period. Tourists will have to hike for 40 minutes to reach the main cave area.

Come for a vacation to Wayanad and witness the charming mountains, tea plantation, lush green forests and the rich cultural traditions. There are many hidden hamlets in Wayanad which are home to some of the oldest tribes, as yet untouched by civilisation. Breathtaking beauty of Wayanad can make anyone exclaim the famous quote of Rudyard Kipling ‘surely the gods live here; this is no place for men.’ Nature has blessed Wayanad with everything picture perfect. Visit Wayanad and explore the inner beauty of Kerala like never before. Take a look at some of the in-depth details about Wayanad.

Interesting Facts

  • There are certain caves and edicts in Ampukuthimala which point to the fact that Wayanad existed since the beginning of new age civilization.
  • Wayanad is home to many tribal families- Paniyas, Kurumas, Adiyars, Kurichyas, Ooralis, Kadans, and the Kattunaikkans.
  • It is believed that Ambukuthimala mountain range, where Edakkal Caves is located, was formed by arrows fired by lava and khusha, the sons of lord Rama, the legendary hero of Ramayana. Even today there are many people who believe that Lord Rama killed Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana, in the narrow fissure at the southern end of Edakkal cave.

Things to do in Wayanad, Kerala:

  • Visit charming Pookode lake and Banasura Sagar Dam. Here tourist can indulge in boating activities as well.
  • Chembra peak in Wayanad is an ideal destination for trekking. Meenmutty to Nilambur is yet another famous trekking route in Wayanad. The trek is relatively simpler, and it will take one through some lush greenery of Wayanad.
  • Go for river trail through the Kabani River, explore scattered islands and get in touch with the local tribal people.
  • Shop for saris and handlooms at Sindhur, a town nearby Kalpetta.
  • Go for a morning walk with a local folk of Wayanad to spot multiple flora carpeted throughout the region.
  • Trek to Edakkal caves with their intriguing rock carvings.
  • Go for a heritage and legend trails to Thirunelli.
  • On a short trip to Kerala, go for a spice tour and observe the stretches of cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and vanilla plantations.
  • In Wayanad, adventure enthusiast can indulge in activities like camping, river crossing, jumping, commando walking, zip line and mountain biking.
  • Get a myriad sight of the nature and indulge in bamboo rafting in Kuruva Island.
  • Explore the wilderness of Wayanad at Tholpetty and Muthanga. Here tourist can spot animals like tigers, elephants, panthers, cheetahs, deer, monitor lizard, civets and a wide variety of birds.
  • Witness the different hues of nature and scenic beauty at Meenmutty Waterfalls

Where to StayHotels in Wayanad are a perfect example of friendly hospitality all over the world, presented in the contemporary and lavish style. It’s advisable to book in advance, as Wayanad is a prime destination of Kerala that can fill up in a flash. Multiple hotels where tourist can enjoy their stay in Wayanad are:

  • Lakkidi Village Resort
  • Wayanad Sharoy Resort
  • Upavan Resort
  • Vythiri Village
  • Banasura Hill Resort
  • Blue Ginger Resort
  • Haritagiri Resort
  • Wayanad Silver Wood
  • Karapuzha Lakeshore Resort
  • Sunrise Valley Resort

ShoppingGooseberry preserved in honey is one the famous items amongst the domestic and foreign tourist. Wayanad is a paradise for souvenir shopping as well as a great place to pick ivory, canes, wood and metals. Other items like garments, textiles and furniture are also available in excellent quality and at suitable costs. Famous shopping sites in Wayanad are:


Address: Thrikkaipetta P.O, Wayanad district, Kerala, 673577

Things to Purchase: Souvenir, Bamboo Products

Trident Arcade

Address: Pinangode Road, Subhash Nagar, Kalpetta, Kerala-673122

Things to Purchase: Bags, Crockery, Decorative items

Easwaran Nanmboodiri

Address: Near Vivekananda Hospital, Kalpetta Ho, Wayanad

Things to Purchase: Books, souvenirs, decorative items

Santhi Pappadam

Address: Market Road, Wayanad, Kerala

Things to Purchase: Books, souvenirs, decorative items

District: Kalpetta

How to Reach

By Airways: Karipur international airport at Kozhikode is about 100 km away from Wayanad city. Along with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai this airport connects with gulf countries too, such as- Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi.

By Railways: Nearest railway station to Wayanad is Kozhikode (Calicut). From the railway station, tourist can hire a cab or bus to reach Wayanad. Many trains like Rajdhani and Poona express reaches Kozhikode.

By Roadways : Transportation in Wayanad is mainly through the road as state transport buses are available from all the main districts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnatka. Kerala tourism busses connect Wayanad with rest of the state. Distances of Wayanad with the nearby states are:

Places Duration (Approx) Distance (Approx)


275 km
Bangalore 5 hours 11 mins 261 km
Thiruvananthapuram 9 hours 17 mins 458 km
Mangalore 5 hours 18 mins 251 km
Ernakulam 5 hours 35 mins 260 km
Mysore 2 hours 149 kms.