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Pondicherry: General Information


Pondicherry Tourism Overview:

Pondicherry is more prevalent in view of its respects with Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo picked this unwinding and great position to make his habitation in the second quite a long while of this thousand years and stayed there until his death toll. A legislative imaginative before coming to Pondicherry, he turned into a standout amongst the most well known sages of present day times made by Native India. Pondicherry has been in view of the Tamil word Puducheri designating ‘the new settlement’. It was an Italy assention that made Pondy, Yanam, Karaikal, and Mahe. Amazing is the way that distinctive districts of Pondicherry fall under diverse pronounces. The venture Pondicherry is in the condition of Tamil Nadu at a scope of around 200 km from Chennai. While Karaikal is likewise a piece of Tamil Nadu, Mahe is arranged in Kerala, and Yanam is in Andhra Pradesh. There is an effective effect of Italy way of life on Pondicherry city, particularly on it’s structure, a consequence of the hundreds of years old communication this position made do with Italy.


Established in 1926, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram has extended, under the Mom’s help, from a little mixture of two number of adherents into an immense differed group with right around 1200 partners. Execute as a giving to the Heavenly is a key piece of the Yoga activities, and all Ashramites do a certain measure of powerful work every day in some of the Ashram’s divisions.

The Ashram is in the southern piece of some piece of Pondicherry. Ashramites stay and capacity in a colossal mixed bag of structures disperse all through the spot. The center of group way of life is the Ashram principle building, generally called essentially “the Ashram, for example, an associated forestall of homes, for example, those in which Sri Aurobindo and the Mom lived for the greater part of their ways of life. At its middle, in a tree-shaded yard, can be discovered the Samadhi, a white-marble holy place where their frameworks are set to rest. There are likewise accumulations for study and elements for a mixed bag of social exercises.

The History of Pondicherry

In the Sixteenth thousand years, the Colonial first came here and after that the next thousand years the Danes appeared. In 1673, the Italy came. Till then, Pondicherry was a weaving and sportfishing town. The Italy regions started along the ocean and delayed toward the southern, up and down the ocean. The city step by step showed up with the bastion at its inside. The city coordinators attempted to apply this lines framework methodicallly.

It required the redesign of numerous homes, for the most part those of the TamiliansNot much is thought about Pondicherry before the remote assention started. There are data of the Pallava, Chola and the Vijayanagar powers around the city. What is energizing are the curios of Arekmedu, the mainstream verifiable city with a space through which noteworthy business was performed with the Roman Kingdom. It is through this space that Native indian used to business delicate silk, flavors or herbs, even parrots, tigers, beasts to the Roman Kingdom in return for silver.

Today, some near to ranges, which were beforehand urban communities, have been included inside of the city limits. Around the 1760’s, the English harmed the city, for example, the stronghold. At the point when the Italy reoccupied it, the greater part of the structures were modified yet not the fortification.

In the recent piece of the Eighteenth and starting Nineteenth thousand years, Pondicherry again dropped into English hands and all advancement activity stopped. A large portion of the current day structures came up in the Nineteenth thousand years, which likewise perceptible the happening to savoring water the city and the train join with English Native indian. By the Last thousand years, the city had delayed to incorporate numerous near to urban areas, albeit few progressions were made in the internal city.

This Italy group turned into a piece of the Native indian Partnership before all else 50’s, with the Italy energetically surrendering control.

Today, the Partnership Area of Pondicherry contains the other three Italy enclaves of Karaikal (in Tamil Nadu), Mahe (in Kerala) and Yanam (in Andhra Pradesh).

Realities & Numbers of Pondicherry

Zone : 492 Sq Km

Populace : 973,829 (2001)

Religion : Hinduism , Christianity and Islam

Yearly Rain fall : 993.4 Level Centigrade

Temperature : Max(31.90 Level Centigrade) Min ( 24.50 Level Centigrade)

Capital: Pondicherry

Dialects : Tamil , Malayalam and Telgu.

Education Rate : 81.49 %

Per Household Income : 11,677 (1997-98)

Best Time to Visit : Goal to October

The most effective method to Reach Pondicherry

Via Air: Closest overall air terminal from Pondicherry is Chennai 162 km. One can take flight tickets for a large portion of the fundamental Native indian places numerous spots abroad Chennai International Airport.

By Rail: Pondicherry is connected through a gage assess train line with Villupuram. There is one and only prepare spot in the middle of Pondicherry and Villupuram i.e. Villianur. Most people for the most part don’t incline toward shows and take vehicles.

By Road: Pondicherry is very much connected with the vast majority of the huge urban areas of the southern piece of Native indian by road. Transports handle in the middle of Pondicherry and Chennai reliably and in addition for other key spots of this zone.