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Karnataka: General Information


Karnataka Tourism Overview:

Karnataka is a position of scent – aroma of great scent of shoe and agarbathis, the scent of clean cooking espressos, go aroma of the Mysore Mallige and countless developing. Chronicled formed wats or sanctuaries, terrific manors, enhancing structures and lively festivals blend greatly with the time tried wildernesses, fabulous seashores, lemon forests and yard spots to sort this delightful spot.

Range:1,91,791 Sq. km.

Capital: Bangalore

Limits: Eastern – Andhra Pradesh Western – Goa and the Arabian Sea, Southern – Kerala and Karnataka, Northern – Maharashtra.

Dialect: Kannada

Airplane terminals: Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli and Belgaum.

Populace: 44,850,000 aprrox.

Proficiency Ratio: 56%

No. of Districts: 20

Minerals: Metal Ore, Birdwatcher, Manganese, Chinese suppliers Clay-based, Limestone, Chromite, Gold

Real Cities: Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Belgaum

Yields: Grain, Maize, Raji, Bajra, Jowar, Cardomom, Apricot, Grape, Pure cotton, Groundnut, Chillies, Sugar-stick, Cigarettes, Castor Plant seeds, Tea

Streets: Karnataka had 1,37,520 km (1996-97) of motorable boulevards, for example, 1,997 km of across the nation roadways. The showed up road length of time with 87,000 km constituted 65% of the complete road term.


The name Karnataka is in view of Karunadu, essentially significant spot. The record of Karnataka goes coming back to the interim of sagas. The speculation of Indonesia and Sugreeva, ‘Monkey Kings’ of the Ramayana is said to have been Hampi in the Bellary area. In the 4’th thousand years BC, a territorial kingdom Satavahana came to vitality and his administration’s idea survived about 300 decades.

With the breaking down of the Satavahana kingdom, the Kadambas came to vitality in its northern fringe, and the Gangas in the south of the condition. The colossal solid model of Gomateswara is respected to be the landmark of the Ganga interim. The Chalukyas of Badami (500 to 735 AD) chose over a more extensive spot, from the Narmada to the Kaveri from the seasons of Pulikeshi II (609 to 642 AD) who had even beaten Harshvardhana of Kannauj.

This kingdom outlined phenomenal old landmarks at Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal, both engineering and rock-cut. Aihole has been one of the supports of temple structure in the country. The Rastrakatas (753-973 AD) of Malkhed who been fruitful them charged honor on the pioneers of Kannauj progressively in the supposed Age of ‘Magnificent Kannauj’. Kannada abstract works composed in this interim. Phenomenal Jain understudies of Indian dwelled in their judge. The Chalukyas of Kalyana (973 to 1183 AD) and their feudatories, the Hoysalas of Halebidu composed superb wats or sanctuaries, spurred scholarly works and fantastic imaginativeness. Said legal scholar Vijnaneshwara (work-Mitakshara) lived at Kalyana.

The astounding otherworldly trailblazer Basaveshwara was a reverend at Kalyana. Vijaynagar kingdom (1136 to 1646 AD) encouraged regular traditions and persuaded aestheticness profound convictions and scholarly works in Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. Worldwide business succeeded. The Bahamani Sultans (Capital-Gulbarga, later Bidar and Bijapur) Adilshahis raised incredible Indo-Saranic structures and inspired Urdu and Nearby abstract works. Happening to the Colonial prompted the arrival of new plants (tobacco, chillies, spud and so forth.). After the drop of Peshwa (1818 AD) and Tipu (1799 AD) Karnataka went under the English.

After opportunity, the new u. s. Mysore State was planned in 1956 and was relabeled Karnataka in 1973 AD.

Critical Museums:

Bangalore : Govt Museums – Cubbon Recreation region, Karnataka Govt Collection and Venkatappa Art Collection, Visvesvarya Commercial and Techonological Museum

Bijapur : Historical Collection

Halebid : Historical Collection

Hampi : Historical Collection

Srirangapatanam : Tipu Sultan Collection

Mysore : Sri Chamarajendra Art Collection – Jagan Mohan Structure, Collection of Art and The paleohistory of gortyn – School of Mysore, Tradition Museums – School of Mysore.

Slope Resorts:

Kammanagudi (1434 m) Railhead – Terikere 38 km

Madikere (1170 m) Railhead – Mysore 120km

Nandi Mountains (1479 m) Railhead – Bangalore 60 km

Explorer Centers:

Bijapur : Ibrahim Rauza, grave of Ibrahim Adil Shahi.

Dharmasthala : Temple of Manjunatha (Shiva), Gomateshwara figure and Jain focus.

Gokarna : There is a Shiva temple with Atmalinga revered by Ravana.

Mysore : Chamundeswari temple on the highest point of Chamundi mountain.

Pattadakal : Sangameswara temple.

Shivanga : Temple gave to Gangadhara and Honna Devi.

Soundatti : Temple of Renuka or Yellamma.

Sringeri : Identify on the budgetary foundations of Tunga stream where Adi Shankaracharya perceived the first scientific.

Talakaveri : Resource of Kaveri stream.

Udipi : Krishna Temple and seat of the eight mathas perceived by Madhvacharya.

Whitefield : Satya Sai Baba Ashram.

Venture Information: Goa’s global air terminal is Dabolim, at a scope of 29 km from Panaji, on the shore close Vasco Da Gama. Most residential aviation routes gathering in Goa separated from contracted individual aviation routes working from UK and Malaysia.

Coming to Goa by practice is simple from Delhi (1,874 km), Mumbai (490 km)and Bangalore (430 km).Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka state transport associations capacity from the Kadamba transport take a position at Panaji. Genuine Delivery works a vessel administration in the middle of Mumbai and Panaji. The Konkan is an ocean side region encompassed by the Sahyadri Mountains on the eastern and Arabian Sea on the western. It is a territory where myth breathes to a limited extent by part with monetary development; a region with rich supplement sources, substantial forests ensure, and view encompassed with paddy, grape, and apple plants.