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Andhra Pradesh: General Information


Andhra Pradesh Tourism Overview:

Deccan level and the generous hillscapes of the Southern Ghats. A portion of the stunning attractions of Andhra Pradesh are the world’s most elevated brickwork dam, million year old natural hollows.

The third greatest condition in Native IndianAndhra Pradesh can be imagined as an eminent condition dispersed with its one of a kind outlines and energetic otherworldly celebrations; an incredible past and mouth-watering delights; not to overlook the brilliant individuals and the local dialect Telugu-all that make long haul sentiments of the condition on the visitor.

Andhra Pradesh, condition stacked with natural sources, social society, brilliant scenes, very much watered by 34 conduits Andhra Pradesh guidelines a million km. shoreline and loves a perfect place as well. A large portion of it shows up on the high dry Deccan Plateau, slanting down to the low-lying coastline region toward the eastern where the Godavari and Krishna satisfy the Bay of Bengal and is known as the ‘Rice Granary of India’.

Rocks, wildernesses, natural zones, lakes and fabulous seashores cleaned by the ocean make Andhra Pradesh an astonishing condition and one that is ideally suitable for wild creatures. There speak the truth 20 educated havens in the condition and each of them is home to a wide assortment of abnormal animal mixtures, for example, the Great Native indian Bustard, Nilgai, and so forth.

The high rises of the condition symbolize the auxiliary expert plans, loaded down with mind boggling statue and glorious buildings staying behind by a few traditions. Hyderabad, the condition venture, is an antiquated town, and is prominent as the previous seat of the well off Nizams. Charminar, Salar Jung Art exhibition and the colossal Golconda Citadel are a portion of the mainstream culture ranges in the town.

Aside from Kuchipudi, a customary moving sort that records its starting points in Andhra, the condition is likewise understood for its mixed bag of handloom and high quality things items. This contains veneer toys and diversions, Anakapalli content, Nirmal(painted stoneware), Bidri(lead finished dim steel trinklets), hand and standing substance, and also Gadhwal, Pochampalli and Dharmavaram delicate silk saris.

State Capital: Hyderabad

Populace (thousands in 1991): 66,508

Region (thousand sq. km): 275

Proportion of city tenants (1991): 26.9

Net Household Item (Rs. million at present expenses in 1992-93): 397,040

Per Household Income: 5,802

Primary Languages: Telugu and Urdu