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Vijaynagar Beach: General Information

Vijaynagar Beach, Havelock Island


The exceptionally beautiful and mystifying Vijaynagar Beach is perched on the well-known Havelock Island. This pristine beach is at just 38 kilometers of distance from Port Blair. Vijaynagar Beach is also popular as Beach Number 5 and is in the Havelock Island. Famed for its shallow perfect for swimming and witnessing aquatic life, Vijanagar Beach is a large and intact area attracting tourists from all around the blue planet.

Vijaynagar Beach is a matchless spot for all the travelers in quest of solace and nature’s exquisiteness. There are several accommodation options making the trip to Andaman comfortable. The azure sky and equally azure sea make the landscape of this beach highly imposing. The tranquility and beauty of this beach make it an unsurpassed destination to enjoy the vacation far away from hustle-bustle. A visit to this captivating beach endows traveler with tour whose memories remain hard to forget lifelong.