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Theme Tour of India

Theme Tour of India

Mohak India lets you explore amazing demarcation, beautiful landscapes and lovely environment all over. Whether it is origination snowy Himalaya or long spread Marina Beach or silently stretched desert of Rajasthan to exotic jungle of Sunderbans. We offer Heritage & Culture tour package to visit and savor mesmerizing land of India, where tourist have the best experience of old heritage of India and the modernity that we’ve attained in past years.

Certainly, it is an unbelievable land, sanctified with immense and charming theme tour, visiting wildlife, culture, hill station, tribal, agriculture, Ayurveda, angling, tribal and spiritual holidays.

Theme Tour in India let you experience all the parts of India, according to taste of tourist. We offer Honeymoon tour package discovering beautiful land with great attractions at its sleeves.

Incredible diversity and real natural splendor engross tourist all together, who goes on theme travel trips across India. There are real heritage of flora and fauna, lush peak, natural greener patch, lakes, river, wealthy culture and Ayurveda motivate tourist to visit here again and again. Select the theme that suits your taste and go to the amazing tour of India.

Sub-continent of India is naturally decorated with breathtaking beach holiday, flourishing jungle, greener pine afforest and others. Indian Land of India is interlocked with Arabian Sea from western side, Bay of Bengal from eastern side and India Ocean from its southern side, loaded with beaches and water lands. Few famous beach attractions of India are Goa, Maharashtra, Daman & Diu, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep and others.

We offer Luxury Train tour package for the tourist, who are looking for relaxing the peace environments of hill stations or hill resorts. Hill stations India catches the attention of tourist for watching the immense beauty and serenity. India theme tour is not only limited not only limited to one area or region, as the marvelous natural beauty and true heritage is lying everywhere from North India to South India and East India to West India.

Pilgrimage tour package allows you to visit the places where the God took birth and people go there to reach true peace. There are many religion and holy places that are greatly visited in old age.

We offer lots of religious natural places with wonderful legends attached to them. India is famous for rich culture and heritage that famous for different flavors and colors having blissful attractions like amazing old forts, natural heritage, old exotic villages and other pilgrimage attractions.

We offer wildlife tour package endowed with dense forest, rich wildlife species and numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. So, enjoy the blissful beauty and explore the marvelous wildlife beauty starting from North India to South, West and East, and all the regions of India. Enjoy your theme tour of India with Mohak India.

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