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Himalayan Tours

Mohak India let you explore the Himalayan travel imposing the most striking mountains, not only in India, but also in the world. The peaks soar to lofty heights, stretching from one end of the country to the other, the spreading across most of the North India, provide great sustenance to the country, and create awe-inspiring locations for a great holiday travel.

Himalayan travel has been many attractions for adventurous and exciting travel for the tourists. Himalayan tours permits you allure many adventurous locations for many years such as Himalaya climbing on reaching ranges. The climate is satisfying with almost everyone. We offer you the magnificent chance for you to escape the heat and enjoy the captivating environment and lush beauty all together rejuvenate you all together.

Shimla, Kullu and Manali are the prime beautiful destination of Himachal Pradesh, India, well-known for extra-ordinary beauty and amazing wonderful spots of adventure and sports. These destinations let you explore famous hill stations of Northern India and the sparkling natural beauty abundant with lush environment and breezing air, let you be proud of nature.

Himalayan tours package is very popular for honeymoon lovers and family groups, who want to spend some good time at hill stations such as Kullu and Manali are very famous among tourist from all around the world for its incredible scenic beauty and picturesque landscape.

These are some prime destinations of lovely Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, many blissful spots for adventure and amazing outdoor activities, here travelers explore the incredible beauty of hill stations of Northern India, let you explore the exotic spots. Here, the natural beauty itself originate and spread all over.

There are plenty of things to do during Tour Himalayan India, undertake varieties of activities and walk around the natural sceneries to clutch the natural splendor. Tourist can explore the true adventure that is experienced in Himalaya during white water rafting, rock climbing and trekking.

There are many safaris, jeep and even motorbikes, let you enjoy the amazing splendor of Himalaya. Travelling Himalaya India offers you the opportunity to travel around the topography and also welcome the flora and exotic wildlife in the Jungle.

Himalaya travel package offers snow-covered Himalayan peaks, natural wood incliners, beautiful valley, wildflower sanctuary, fruit laden plant area, pipe forest and other lush spots.

Different parts of the Himalayan range spread across different regions, and the culture and traditions of these places are reflected in the life high above, where travelers can see a reflection of marvelous mountain beauty as you cruise through various parts of the mountains. It is enchanting to see the same mountains assuming different roles as you go along. Here, you’ll experience the pleasant climate and favorable weather all the year, so enjoy the natural beauty that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.

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