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Festival Tours India

Festival Tours India

Mohak India offers tourist to visit here and watch the diverse culture, way of living, and its place which is filled with beauty and simplicity. It is an incredible place to visit and have a look on the nature very closely. Southern Tours are well known for rich heritage and fabulous attractions such as captivating beaches, famous dances, colorful festivals, wildlife sanctuaries, Ayurveda, Cuisines and backwater. It is an amazing place let you enjoy clean and clear atmosphere for hours and hours.

To admire rich heritage and ancient culture of south India, must visit the India festivals trips on its captivating land.

South India is a paradise of colours and festivals with different cultures and traditions. Moreover, during festival time, it becomes a vivacious land which attracts you to become a part of the celebration for Republic Day, Holi, Independence Day and other Indian festivals. The cities of the South India land have many religious places which serve as the venue for the festivals, offers you an opportunity to experience the distinct culture of the place. Onam is ten-day long festival that is very popular in Kerala, harvest festival infusing colors like Holi, and gaiety in the lives of the people. It is celebrated in August or September, comes up with firework, music, dance, feasts, and boat races.

Pongal is one of the biggest harvests of festival like baisaki marks the beginning of spring and considered as a big event for the state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In this festival a chariot procession moves from Kandaswamy Temple to the street of Chennai. Moreover, people love to visit South India to enjoy incredible Dussehra and Diwali that give somewhere to new feel to northern Diwali festival. Alappuzha in Kerala serves as the venue for the annual event, held in August and September, it is a wonderful festival to take part in, and during this festival the colourful boat ceremony preceding the boat race is a fascinating treat for the onlookers. This ten days long festival is celebrated in Karnataka in the month of October, dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari. This festival brings colours and joy in the monotonous lives of local people. During this festival, there is a grand procession of elephant also takes place on the last day of the event like pushkar and kumbh ka mela.

Pooram is a colourful temple festival of Kerala, literally means a group or a meeting. Here, the event takes place on the pooram asterism. People believe that this is the time when various Gods who reside in the temples meet again. This is amazing festival that you should never miss out in South India. Hampi is a popular festival of Karnataka, dedicated to art forms of dance and music, this event takes place in November. During this festival, vacationers enjoy the sparkling light and sound show, dance and music, puppet show and spectacular processions make this festival an event to enjoy.

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