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About Kedarnath

As indicated by legend, Lord Shiva wished to escape the Pandavas, who had come to look for contrition for having murdered their kinfolk in the clash of Kurukshetra. He took asylum in Kedarnath as a bull. Bhima, one of the Pandava siblings, discovered Shiva amongst a group of steers. Having distinguished the meanest and most haughty of the crowd as Shiva, Bhima is said to have snatched him by the rump. What stays at the hallowed place in Kedarnath is the backside of the bull, with whatever remains of its body scattered all through the Garhwal. Shiva plunged into the ground abandoning him a protuberance at first glance. This cone shaped projection is adored as the icon. It is the principle site of the Panch Kedar sanctuaries. The every day Pooja (adore) at kedarnath sanctuary is performed by South Indian VEER SAIVA JANGAM order cleric.

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