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About Allahabad

Allahabad sacredness is show by references to it in Purans, the Ramayan and the Mahabharata. As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma, the maker God of the Trinity, picked an arrive on earth(ie Prayag) to perform 'Prakrista Yag', toward the start of the creation and he additionally refereed to it as Tirth raj or the King of all piligrimage focuses' according to composing of 'Padam Puran' – "As the sun is amongst the moon and the moon amongst the stars, similarly 'Prayag is best amongst all spots of journey"

The washing at Prayag is specified in Brahma Puran s " in the month of Magha at the bank of Ganga Yamuna in Prayag gives aftereffects of millions and a large number of Ashvmedha Yajna"

Prayag is origin of Som, Varuna and Prjapati. Prayag has been connected with legendary personalites in Brahmanical(Vedic) and Buddhist Literatures. It was the seat of the immense sge Bhardwaj, sage Durvasa and Sage Pannas sage Bhardwaj lived here around 5000BC anf taught more than 10000 devotees. He was the best philospher of antiquated world.

The Present Jhunsi zone cery near sangam was the kingdom of Chandrabanshiya ( lunar group ) lord Pururava. Adjacent Kaushambi blossomed to prosperety amid Vatsa and Maurya Rule. The soonest landmark of obsolescents Ashok Piller with incriptions of third century B.C. cears the incriptions of his headings to his kindred rajas and applause for King Samudragupta. The Chinese explorer Huan Tsang in 643 BC discovered Prayag possessed by numerous Hindus who respected the spot Holy. 1575 AD Emperor Akbar fonded the city in by the name of "ILLAHABAS" which has now ended up ALLAHABAD implied " The City of Allaha" awed with the vital significance of the SANGAM. In medieval India the city delighted in the honor of being the religio-social focal point of India. For quite a while it was Provincial capital of the Mughals. Later it was caught by Marathas.

1801 AD British History of the city started in this year when the Nawab of Oudh surrendered it to the British Throne. English armed force utilized the fortification for their miletary purposes.

1857 AD The town was the focal point of war of Independence and later turned into the pot of Indian Freedom Movment against British.

1858 AD The East India Company authoritatively gave over India to British Goverenment here at Minto Park After the first war of freedom the town was named "ALLAHABAD" and was made the capital of United Provience of Agra and Oudh.

Asfi Mazid, Allahabad

1868 AD it turn into a seat of Justice wjen Allahabd High Court was set up.

1871 AD British engineer Sir William Emerson raised a great landmark All Saint Cathdral thirty years prior to he outlined the Victoria Memorial in Kolkkata.

1887 AD Allahabad turn into the fourth most seasoned University. Allahabad has been rich in various Victorian and Georgian structures made in blend with Indian design tradions.

This city was the heart of the indian Freedom Movement against the British guideline with Anand Bhawan being the epicenter, It was in Allahabad the Mahatama Gandhi proposed his project of peaceful imperviousness to free India. Allahabad has given the biggest number of leaders of Post autonomy India Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, V.P.Singh. Previous Prime Minister Chandreshekhra was understudy of Allahabad colleg

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